you could be leaving $$$ on the table!

A few common misconceptions that buyers have when purchasing
a New Construction home from a Production builder:

1)  I will get a better price if I do not use a Realtor, because without a Realtor I should be able to at least reduce the price by the percentage that they would pay a Realtor.  FALSE
The price of the home is the same regardless if a Realtor is involved or not, and the Sales Person will tell you the same when asked.  The builder makes more $ if there isn't a Realtor involved because the commissions are already built into the price of the home.  Realtor or NO Realtor, the price will be the same!  

2)  I don't need an agent, the sales person in the model works for me.  FALSE
The Sales Person works for the builder and works in the best interest of the builder.  They do help put the contract together and facilitate the buying process in appearance for you, but in reality they do it for the builder.

3)  Lots of people buy new construction without a Realtor, I'll be ok.  
Your transaction could go smoothly and could go ok but there could be issues along the way.  If the price of the home is the same with or without a Realtor, why not have a Realtor to protect you?  You could also be leaving money on the table. 

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4) Closing Costs will be covered by the builder's approved lender.
Most production builders have their own in-house or preferred lender that they are associated with and most are very competitive with most lenders in the market.  Builder's advertise that they will give you X amount of $ toward your buyer closing costs if you use their lender.  Often times the credit does help but most times they do not cover the entire amount of closing costs.  Also what is not being told is that with many builder contracts they take some of the customary seller fees and pass them onto you the buyer for you to pay at closing.